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Triathlon Digital helps clients with digital strategy and their digital journey towards more efficient and smarter businesses. New value reveals itself through digital solutions which enable game-changing success. The ongoing transition towards a more digital society and industry is moving fast. By starting the digital transition as soon as possible, important competitive advantages can be earned. Triathlon Digital supports clients through a large portfolio of capabilities to achieve top results.


Digital Products & Services

Connected products and services are increasing with digital servitization. Technologies such as IoT are becoming a hygiene factor in offerings.

Data Analytics and AI

Create value by extracting insights and patterns from Big Data by utilizing capabilities such as AI and machine learning.

Digital Technology

Digital technology has changed from an enabler to a must for digital success. Digital architecture may require solutions as Cloud, Blockchain or other platform solutions to unlock the potential.

Intelligent Automation

Discover intelligent automation solutions to meet your biggest business challenges. Empower endto-end business processes with a combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI.

Digital Experience

Create competitive offerings by digital marketing, digital customer journeys, UX/UI assessments to captivate your customers.

Digital Ecosystem

Digital ecosystems are the future of business collaboration and competition. Companies need to embrace new relationships and ways of collaborating.


Automation industry

Manufacturing System Pre-study

A client within the automation industry had identified several pain points related to their manufacturing systems and processes. Triathlon provided an in-depth analysis resulting in defined improvement areas together with solutions and a recommended way forward

Triathlon Digital

Current and future digital offerings

As a part of a digitalization effort, a global supplier of security solutions wanted to determine the current state and trajectory of their technological capabilities and digital offerings. Triathlon supported in how to formulate a digital strategy and framework to reach the target state.

Triathlon Digital

Transforming sales by digital tools

An international client within the wood refinery sector wanted digital sales tools to their sales channels. Support was provided in qualifying a technical supplier, identifying key values and customer journey. This was used to build the foundation for an attractive sales tool.


Roadmap for digital services

A leading automotive supplier experienced challenges in cross-functional collaboration on digital service development. Through cross-functional coordination, Triathlon supported the client to launch new digital services at a faster pace.

Triathlon Digital

Strategy for digitalized products

A client needed a new strategy for digitalized products to meet the new market conditions and technology leap. Triathlon developed a digital product strategy connected to overall business targets and a detailed roadmap to close the gap.

Triathlon Digital

AI to predict failures

A client needed to be able to predict when a specific critical component was going to fail to secure product uptime. Triathlon developed a solution including advanced analytics and AI to prevent product failure

Triathlon Digital

Use cases for data analytics

A client wanted to better understand their current data analytics capabilities and potential roadblock ahead. Triathlon assessed the clients current use cases for data analytics and identified key areas to address for value creation.

Triathlon Digital

Actionable data with new BI-system

A medical device client wanted to better utilize their business data to improve decision making. Triathlon developed a business intelligence reporting concept for the client resulting in a new BI-system with relevant actionable data

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