What is your contribution to Agenda 2030?

United Nations’ 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) show the direction on how to make an impact on the world’s most urgent societal challenges. These goals aim to mobilize efforts and they call for action to organizations around the globe to use innovation and creativity to combat these challenges.

Be proactive rather than reactive

To define and work towards clear sustainability targets is part of the strategy for most companies today. However, taking full responsibility through a proactive approach, with ambitious targets, is not obvious for everyone. Apart from doing the right thing there are clear benefits to gain, such as: improved efficiency and operational costs, improved ability to attract partnerships and talent, enhanced brand value etc.

Make your contribution

Companies need to assess their business operations to identify where the potential lies to make a difference.

“Companies should assess their impact, set ambitious targets and communicate transparently about the results”

Knowing the company’s potential to impact through ambitious targets and direct efforts in a clear approach for realization is thus essential for an effective and trustworthy contribution.

Act by using a structured approach

Triathlon supports clients using a five-step approach to align the sustainability effort to the business strategies, and for managing the contribution to the SDGs.

1. Set the scene – Understand the prerequisites and opportunities with agenda 2030

2. Define priorities – Assess the value chain to identify areas with most potential to make a positive impact

3. Set targets – Set targets and outline KPIs that contribute to the prioritized areas

4. Make it happen – Integrate sustainability into the core business across the company functions

5. Follow-up – Follow-up the sustainability performance to ensure progress towards the targets

“A structured approach assist companies in maximizing their contribution to the SDGs”

Through a structured approach, continuously pushing targets, companies can stay relevant. If you have not started, it is time to act!


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